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Why the feasts?

Updated: May 4, 2020

We see the Biblical feasts as an invitation from God to us to hang out, and gain a little more understanding into his heart. While these Biblical feasts may seem overwhelming to start, and even inconvenient, they force us to get out of our every day routine to take a look at who God is in a different way. One of the most amazing things about the feasts is that they incorporate all of our senses--touch, taste, sight, smell, & hearing, with often vestibular and proprioception. Even the tiniest of efforts, these feasts can become the most fun and meaningful experiences throughout our year, and become traditions to show us and families the Heart of our Heavenly Father. Join us on our Journey to not only learn about our faith, but to tangibly experience who our God is.

The name, "Camping with God", comes from the Feast of Tabernacles, where God calls His people to go out from their homes and pitch a tent!  Literally, go build a shelter, and bring in your family, invite your friends and strangers, the poor and the widow, to a big camping BBQ party!  We get to go outside and celebrate, while remembering God's faithfulness in the past and looking forward to and proclaiming the return of our Messiah Yeshua!

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