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Counting Gems

It has been tradition to assume that every pomegranate contains 613 seeds to account for the 613 commands found in the Torah. But has anyone ever really sat down to count them? Every year it just takes too much self discipline to count them. By the time the seeds are meticulously separated from the peel and rind, the wait has already been unbearably long, and we all dive in to devour the fruit all too quickly. This year, with the kids a bit older and homeschooling, and the baby asleep for naptime we decided that we would turn our Yom Teruah fruit into a math lesson.

Besides the table getting super sticky it was a fun lesson and surprisingly the kids had incredible self control and only 1 seed was nibbled prematurely.

We started by counting by 1's and setting the seeds into groups of 10. This was beneficial for our Pre-K 3.5 year old. We transitioned to counting by 2's for our KG and 1st levels. Then when enough groups of 10 were formed we counted them off into groups of 50's. Then combined groups of 50's into groups of 100's. We ended counting off 100's, 50's AND 10's to get a whopping total of 790 seeds out of 1 pomegranate!

I am reminded that although the Law and the Scriptures look overwhelming, God's grace is sufficient and His Yoke is easy and His burden is light. The Law is intended to show us our need for HIM and HIS salvation. We cannot earn His salvation on our own works and merit. So let us not heap condemnation and shame on ourselves! Rather, let us enjoy the sweetness of his fellowship and grace, and gaze upon his beauty and goodness. And let us Love God, and Love others. On these 2 hang all the rest.

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