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Floral Crowns

A tradition that has been in Israel is for children of ALL ages, males and females alike, to make and wear floral crowns. Shavuot is the last of the Spring feasts, and celebrates the season of new life and beauty. Flowers are seemingly “frivolous” and “non-essential”, so this is a time of celebrating abundance and the overflow of God’s provision on those in need and those who have. We remember the scriptures in Matthew 6:29 and Luke 12:27 to look at the lilies of the fields. Even Solomon did not have such beauty! (paraphrase my own) How much more so will God provide for our needs.

In America, it’s a cultural norm to put a seasonal wreath on the door, but in Israel, it’s odd to have a wreath at any other time than Shavuot. We buy real or fake flowers and twist them into crowns, and dance in worship and celebration to our Heavenly King. I am again reminded of another scripture, Revelations 4: 10-11 where the 24 elders are seen laying their crowns down at Yeshua’s feet proclaiming “You are worthy, O Lord, To receive glory and honor and power; For You created all things, And by Your will they exist and were created”

Let us celebrate the wonder of life, His provision, and the beauty He created around us.


You will need:

Scissors or wire clippers

Floral wire or twisty ties

Flowers & Greenery (real or fake)


1. Find your longer stems and stagger them.

2. Twist and sculpt into a “circular” shape the diameter of the top of the head which will wear it.

3. Twist the wire around the loose ends to bind the flowers into a crown shape and hold. Be careful to bend the ends of the floral wire out so that the wire points won’t scrape the scalp or tangle the hair.

4. Above all, Have fun!

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