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Devotionals for the Days of Awe

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Scripture tells us that we are to take up our cross daily and follow Yeshua. We are to die to ourselves daily. And God's Mercies are NEW every morning. There is something special about the Biblical Holy Days where God creates an opportunity for us to reflect on our lives and on His Promises and Provision in a more deliberate and intentional way. We encourage you to pray about what scriptures the Lord wants your to meditate on through these 10 days, but here are some devotionals to help you focus your attention and thoughts in the meantime.

Be the Head and Not the Tail

Call to Repentance, Judgement & Restoration

Blind Eyes opened

There is Only One LORD

A Blessed Reminder; A Kindled Hope

Other Sheep

Nothing to Contribute


I hope you are blessed by these as we have been

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